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Earth Celebrations Hudson River Pageant

A FREE EVENT to raise environmental awareness.

Return of the Sun performs on Saturday May 12th (Raindate May 13th)
listed as Movement of the Estuary @1:30pm
Rockefeller Park in Battery City Park at Murray St.

Neptune's Daughters
choreographed by Rina Rinkewich
Dancers: Marie Carstens, Meghan Frank, Rachel Frank, Gina Healy, Jessica Rogers,Rosita Roldan
Music composed by Rafael Frank, Robert Cornwall , and Marjan Helms
Performed live Michael Frank and Rafael Frank.

The Pageant begins at 1:00 pm A Full schedule of Events and locations can be found at


Return of the Sun in collaboration with Noyes NY performs "Movement of the Estuary" in Earth Celebrations Hudson River Pageant

Saturday May 22nd, 2010. 1 - 6 PM (Raindate May 23rd)

Pageant leaves from the World Financial Center (in front of the Marina) at 1 PM.
We dance at approximately 1:20 PM at the following location:
Rockefeller Park in the Battery Park City Park at Murray Street
Questions? Please call Rina
(646) 300-3004 or (718) 855-2080

Movement of the Estuary (Premiere)
Choreography by Rina Rinkewich
Music composed and performed by Blake Rowe
Dancers: Marie Carstens, Irene Clark, Meghan Frank, Nada Khodlova, Alice MacIntyre, Mara Morris, Jessica Rogers, Rosita Roldan