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About the Director

Rina Rinkewich, artistic director, holds an M.F.A. in Dance from Sarah Lawrence as well as a B.A. in Dance from Empire State College (SUNY). She graduated as a Music Major from the High School of Performing Arts. Rina founded Return of the Sun in 1999 and incorporated her dance company in 2001.

Rina Rinkewich has more than twenty years experience teaching Creative Movement and Modern Dance to both children and adults. Rina has studied many dance forms, but has concentrated her studies in the lyrical modern dance techniques of Isadora Duncan, Erick Hawkins, and Mark Morris. She also has an extensive background and roots in Israeli Folk dance and Jewish music. All of these music and dance forms exert a profound influence on her lyrical and emotionally expressive work.

Rina Rinkewich is available to teach Modern Dance and Composition to children and adults of all ages and all levels of dance experience.