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Neptune's Daughters (2012). Music: Rafael Frank, Robert Cornwell, and Marjan Helms

Movement of the Estuary (a.k.a  Dance of the River Maidens) (2010). Music: Blake Rowe

Going On (2009). Music: Gnarls Barkley

Crown of Stars (2008). Music: Bach and Norwegian folk songs by Trio Medieval

She Defies Gravity (2008). Music: Grieg; Gavrilin

Angel of Desire (2007). Music: Dave Cieri

Labyrinth (2006) (full evening-length work).
Music: Paul Simon, Arno Giroux, Mike Cohen with the Kleztraphobix, Rafael Frank, Leonard Cohen, Gabriel Faure, Long Time Sun (Traditional)

Again Songs (2005). Music: Chava Alberstein

Sabbath Bride (2004). Music: Lecha Dodi - Arranged by Basya Schechter

Songs My Mother Taught Me (2003). Music: Gebirtig; Manger- Sung by Moshe Leiser

Di Goldene Pave (The Golden Peacock) (2002). Music: Chava Alberstein

Marie's Wedding (2002). Music: Traditional (Nova Scotia)

String of Pearls (2001). Music: Traditional Yiddish- Arranged by the Klezmatics

Honey in My Hands (2000). Music: Peira Moinester

Wing Song (1999). Music: Gluck